Formed in 2017, We Are William is a progressive metal band out of Northern Colorado. Originally finding its foothold within death metal and thrash influences, the band has since adopted a more eclectic approach to songwriting. Their current influences range from meditative and progressive bands like The Contortionist, Leprous, and Tesseract, to more aggressive and manic acts such as The Faceless and System of a Down.

The band’s current approach aims to combine these conflicting themes to form a fresh, cohesive and unique take on progressive metal. 

Looking towards the future, fans of the Colorado front runners can expect a self-titled album in 2020. The band endorses this future installment as a “true taste” of their  journey to an original and organic sound. By combining soaring, atmospheric riffs and face-melting, jagged rhythms, We Are William plans to stake its claim as one of the state's breakout new bands.



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